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Our Human Rights was a monthly cable tele-vision program about Taking Human Rights Action produced and directed by Tolga Ors.

The objective of the Our Human Rights program is to motivate people to take positive non-violent action in support of human rights. Programs highlight how human rights abuses impact us all, and how preventing and ending them is within our reach.

Human rights abuses, whether by governments, non-state actors, businesses or individuals demand increased vigilance. The strong influence of the U.S. government on human rights will be the primary focus of Our Human Rights .

U.S. government support for and abuse of human rights impacts the safety of American citizens as well as actions by the rest of the world, and is a focus of great concern by the human rights community.

The first Our Human Rights program focuses on a critical human rights issue Torture. The U.S. government has stretched the definition of torture to include practices that have been condemned by the United Nations and global public opinion. The Stop Torture episode, which takes place in the context of Torture Awareness month (June), will explore how U.S. policies can be put on the right track to S top Torture . The episode will feature the impact of torture, public opinion and positive actions that can be taken by concerned individuals.

The second episode  addresses domestic violence. In particular it provides information on how to report abuse and help domestic abuse survivors.

Our Human Rights focuses on the human rights policies of the United States. There are other countries that are committing human rights abuses, however, considering the extent of U.S. influence on many countries, U.S. policies in particular should be a positive example for the world.


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